Lecture Algorithm Theory


Instructor: Dr. Alois Heinz
Semester: First semester of Master Course Software Engineering SEM
Module: M1 Profile and M2 Advanced Computer Science
Duration: 4 hours per week (with practices)
Prerequisites: Programming skills (Java), mathematics
Assessment: Written examination 90 min 
Begin of lecture: Thursday, Sep 30 2021, 14:00 in F236 and (at the same time) in AlgorithmTheory Room (online)



The study of algorithms and data structures has come to be recognized as the cornerstone of computer science. Algorithm Theory is more than just a branch of computer science. It is central and relevant to most of science, business, and technology. In this lecture we aim to provide some of the general techniques for the design of efficient algorithms such as randomized algorithms and data structures, dynamic programming, greedy, as well as graph algorithms, heuristic optimization, online and offline algorithms, and more. After attending this course you will know the algorithms for many prominent problems, and will be familiar with the algorithmic strategies or paradigms that can be used to derive them. You will be able to apply these strategies to new problems and identify whether or not they are useful in a new situation. You will understand the fundamental role of data structures used in a particular implementation of an algorithm, and how they affect the running time.

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